Parents Counselling

Becoming a parent is a phase which needs lot of care and planning. Today when both husband and wife are busy with their daily, routine, it becomes difficult to take proper care of their child due to which the problem arises between both husband and wife and it will become more worse for child as they miss the importance of early child education and guidance.

The basic problems which parents suffer are:

-  Dissimilarities between husband and wife in terms of responsibilities;

-  Unable to balance between child responsibilities and daily work;

-  Not giving enough time to either of them due to which the difference arises;

-  Confuse on how and when to proceed with the education of your child;

-  Your child is going to a playschool or kindergarten however there is no progress or development happening;


If you have any such concerns or any other kind of queries then you can get a counselling done with Ayushi Goel. She is the owner of Little Berries preschool and also provides Nursery Teachers Training courses. She has her own way of handling kids due to which till now LB has been best rated in Google and other social platforms. Ayushi Goel is very connected to each and every child associated with her and parents also deeply believe in her because of the way she has been working ever since.

For getting counselling session, you will have get your appointment fixed and as per the date you will be provided with one day counselling session for 1 hour. The cost for each session would be Rs 1,000 which you will have to pay before the session. If you are not satisfied with the counselling then please don't hesitate and let us know as we would refund you back. Contact details is provided in Contact Us page or you can leave us a message and we will get back to you.

"Children learn more from what you are than what you teach." - W.E.B. DuBios